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About Dynamic Tweets

DynamicTweets is a free tweet scheduling service provided by AS411 Consulting a technology consulting company specializing in custom programming, database design and business intelligence solutions for small to mid-market companies.  

DynamicTweets is the perfect solution for anyone seeking to preschedule tweets or dynamically send tweets based on predefined conditions or rules applied to their company data.  

So why would anyone want to preschedule a tweet...

We are all busy, attending meetings, answering phone calls and just going through life's motions and we don't always have the time or energy to communicate our thoughts or important information at the exact moment when we need to communicate this information to others.  With Dynamic Tweets you can ensure your important tweets will be sent on time and on schedule. Here are a few examples of how you might use our service...

Reminders:  remind yourself, colleagues, teammates or others of upcoming events before they happen or as they are happening. 

Marketing Campaigns: for businesses that want to promote an event, a product, a service or just send out special offers, with Dynamic Tweets an entire marketing campaign can be pre-mapped and scheduled so that tweets are sent out and delivered on an exact schedule.  No need to worry that a tweet is missed while you are in business meetings or taking some time off over a weekend or holiday.

Press/Media: do you have an article, a press announcement, or some important news that you want to release on a certain date and time.  With Dynamic Tweets you don't need to worry that you'll forget or miss sending your important announcement.  Whether you need to leave the office early or you'll be in an important meeting without access to your phone or a computer, with Dynamic Tweets your tweets will be delivered on time and on schedule.

Social: maybe you'd like to make your boss think you're working late or have your significant other believe you are up all night thinking about them.  Whatever the reason, with Dynamic Tweets, as you think of things you'd like to say simply enter them now and share them with others later.

About AS411 Consulting

AS411 Consulting is a boutique software consulting firm specializing in custom software development, business process automation and business intelligence.  Dynamic Tweets is a showcase website developed to demonstrate our knowledge and capabilities of implementing social media technologies over the web.  AS411 is capable of assisting companies develop their own social media applications and integrate enterprise data into social media sites such as Twitter.

For more information about Dynamic Tweets or to learn more about AS411 Consulting please contact us at or contact us at

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